We have access to thousands of globally known brands and generic products of multiple segment of healthcare products through a well-established and trusted network of licensed local and global suppliers.

We offer our international clients significantly lower prices compared to major markets enabling both substantial savings and access to high quality products.

Branded Pharmaceuticals

Rx products of all segments including Oncology, Diabetes, Rheumatology, Cardiovascular and Vaccines.

Generic Pharmaceuticals

Equivalent Rx products with same active ingredients of original pharmaceuticals whose patent has expired.

Medical Devices

Products that are used frequently both at hospital and home settings such as thermometers, blood glucose & blood pressure monitoring devices, pregnancy tests and surgical tools.

Medical Disposables

Abundant variety of medical disposables ranging from basic items such as protective gears or sutures to more complex surgical disposables used with medical devices.

OTC Products

Wide range of globally known non-prescription drugs in all major segments such as pain killers, gastrointestinal and common cold products.


International and local vitamin and supplement brands are available at full spectrum of the segment.

Dermal Fillers

High-quality injectable products of global brands in the field of aesthetic surgery and variety of facial peels for skin rejuvenation.


Impressive range of Dermatological Creams, Serums and Lotions that can make aging skin look young and beautiful.