Branded Pharmaceuticals

ABL Healthcare is one of the leading companies in pharmaceutical brands. Thanks to this company, access to branded pharmaceuticals is easy.

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What Are Branded Generics?

Pharmaceutical brands are generic drugs that have undergone the DNA process and are given a different name than their chemical name. These brand-name drugs may be developed by a generic pharmaceutical company. It is also develpoed by original manufacturer after the patent has expired. Brand name medications must be bioequivalent to the original brand name product. In this respect, the quality of branded drugs is higher than other drugs.

Why Should You Choose ALB Healthcare About Branded Pharmaceuticals?

ALB Healthcare works with leading pharmaceutical companies, specialty pharmaceutical companies and regional players in the pharmaceutical industry around the world. Many of their managers spend time at large pharmaceutical companies and appreciate their business application capabilities, strong intellectual property, thoughtful pricing and reimbursement strategies. The pharmaceutical industry is global. So, they have built an infrastructure to support cross-border pharmaceutical transactions. They offer their international customers significantly lower prices than in their main markets, resulting in significant savings and access to quality products. In all these respects, they also provide services to you about brand name medications.

What Is The Difference Between A Generic and A Branded Generic?

The difference between pharmaceutical brands and a generic drug lies in the way the drug is manufactured. Brand name medications refer to the manufacturer's name, while generic drugs refer to drugs manufactured on the basis of the active ingredients of branded drugs. In the relationship between brand name medications and the generic drugs, the difference lies in the inactive ingredient present in the drug. The main difference between the two is quality. That's why buying branded drugs affects you positively. ABL Healthcare is one of the largest branded pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. ABL is not only a leader in consumer and B2B naming but also a leader in brand name medications development. So if you are looking for branded medicine, ABL Healthcare is at your service to help you.

Is Branded Medicine Better Than Generic?

According to the OGD, all FDA-approved generics must meet the same requirements for quality, purity, durability and stability as pharmaceutical brands. In a comparative study, researchers found that brand name and generic drugs had comparable medical consequences for chronic physical illness. According to the results of these studies, it was concluded that brand name medications are better than generic medicine. In this respect, ABL Healthcare provides a professional service to reach reliable branded drugs.

Why Do Brand-Name Drugs Cost More?

Pharmaceutical brands are often expensive due to the high initial cost of developing and selling new drugs. However, despite the price, the higher quality of branded drugs makes these products more prominent. In this respect, ABL Healthcare makes the supply of branded medicines more accessible with the opportunities it provides.